Who is right?

I’m not going to say I was having the perfect life, but at least I was trying to be happy, and make my family happy. We had problems but nothing we couldn’t overcome. We didn’t expect them. Nobody suspected they were coming. It was a normal day of our lives and they came without warning.

They attacked us. They attacked our city. They killed thousands. They killed many innocent people. They killed my family; I hate them so much. They are terrorists; they don’t care about anything but their own goals. They don’t have respect for human life.

I heard my family before they died. They were asking for help, and I felt powerless because I couldn’t do anything to save them. The people I loved the most died under the ruins of the buildings. How I hate these people; they brought down buildings and with them, many human lives.

Is this justice? Isn’t this a reason to fight back? Why did they come here? Why did they do that?

But now I’m going to take revenge. They are going to pay for this. And they are going to feel what we felt. They are going to see their own people die. We are not having mercy because they didn’t have mercy on us. We are not going to be the defeated ones; we are fighting back. Now it’s our turn to make them suffer. I don’t care what it takes, I don’t care because they took away everything I ever had, my family. And now nothing can stop our fury and us. We are showing them that they are not as safe as they think they are. We are telling them that they cannot do whatever they want to anyone. I don’t care if I die. I don’t care whom dies. We are going to take their own planes, and we are going to crash them against the Twin Towers.

Septiembre 2001

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Carlos Marcel dijo...

Excelente perspectiva Chema, para reflexionar, porque si uno indaga en las razones de los atentados, probablemente se encuentre que quienes iniciaron el ataque no fueron precisamente los que estrellaron los aviones.. Saludos!.

José María Hdz dijo...

Gracias Marcel. Pues sí, tienes razón, lo que motivó a esa gente a hacer eso está lejos de ser lo que dijo Bush, que fue solo proque odian la libertad y la democracia; eso que se lo crea su partido.
Gracias por comentar. Saludos.